Author: David Alegeta

A Long Distance Hiker and Hiking Instructor, with over 20,000 miles of experience. David joined Work Boot Magazine as an Editor and Consultant.

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Best Minimalist Boots
Best Minimalist Boots for Flexible Foot Movement
The Minimalist Boot is designed to approximate walking barefoot closely. Minimalist boots are more lightweight and flexible and ideal for those who dislike heavy and constricting work boots or boots.…
Work Boots for Neuropathy
Best Work Boots for Neuropathy with Mesh Lining
You may have grown tired of the same old Neuropathy and diabetic work boots, which are more Orthopedic in design, with fewer safety and durability features. Neuropathy may cause Numbness,…
Work Boots for Supination
Best Work Boots for Supination (Underpronation)
Supination or Underpronation for those of us that knowledge is rare and has to do with your foot mechanics as you walk. For Supination, however, depending on your arch type,…
Work Boots for metatarsalgia
Best Work Boots for Metatarsalgia to Provide Maximum Support
Metatarsalgia, which refers to pain and inflammation in the balls of your feet, is a common condition many people suffer from. Work Boots, in general, are designed for safety and…