Ariat® Work Boots

Ariat is a work boot brand fast becoming a top favorite, especially among ranch and farm workers.

Its classic style, extraordinary quality, and durable design make it one of the top-class work and even casual boot brands.

Ariat work boots have a very classic style, and they were initially created for farmers and ranchers. Ariat work boots are mostly pull-on styles with a comfortable footbed and other safety features such as waterproofing, a slip-resistant outsole, and a safety toe.

So in this article, we will look specifically into some of the best available Ariat boots for work purposes;

Who is Ariat

But first, let us look a bit into the colorful history of Ariat as a brand.

Ariat is a work boot founded with the motivation of the Secretariat racehorse who won the Kentucky Derby. It is a working Boot born on a farm where there are horses, sheep, chickens, cats, and dogs, and a new Breed of Boot with a difference.
Ariat was firstly created for equestrian athletes employing the features and support of athletic shoes into a boot.

Today Ariat builds quality and world-class boots and products for various purposes that are performance-driven and of exceptional quality.
Enduring inspiration for our company.

What makes Ariat Work Boots so Special

So let us look a bit deeper into the Ariat boot to see what makes it so exceptional;

  • Innovative Technology – Ariat is a leader in developing advanced technologies to deliver work boots and products that will outperform even the most demanding environments. They partner with world-class biomechanical researchers and testing labs that help them to improve their boots in comfort, support, and performance features. Their boots are lighter, cooler, and much more durable than any other work boot, with consistently reliable quality performance and features.
  • Superior Craftmanship – Ariat Workboots require only the best, world-class materials and workmanship. Every detail of the boot is meticulously crafted, from the finish to the leather and every stitch in between, to offer you exceptional quality and durability. Many of their boot range go through 150 steps of craftsmanship from start to finish. While the finishing of their boots is performed by “artists,” every piece is unique to some extent.

Features of a Good Ariat Work Boot


  • Styles – Ariat work boots are available in different styles and options. You get their regular western-style work boots with a round, square, or wide square toe; then there is the pull-on Chelsea Boot. Ariat also offers lace-up work boot styles. Then there is the wedge sole or regular soled design moc-toe style work boots are also a favorite.
  • Uppers – Ariat work boots have genuine leather uppers, some reinforced with rubber on the toe bumper. Their boots are constructed using the finest Goodyear welt and cement Construction methods. Inside the uppers, you will find a breathable mesh lining for comfort and to wick away moisture. Ariat Work Boots may also have a padded tongue and collar in some lace-up models.
  • Comfort and Support features – Ariat Work boots offer comfort features such as a cushioned insole and FLX cushioned midsole. Some models have a shank for stability and to prevent fatigue. The Shank designs are the ATS extra-wide shank and the 4LR lightweight stabilizing shank.
  • Sole – In some Western models, you also get different sole options such as the flat sole, regular rise sole, and the sole with a heel. For the most part, the outsole will be rubber with lug patterns on the tread for slip resistance. Some models offer slip resistance, while others offer oil and slip-resistant outsoles. There are also softer wedge sole options available in some models.
  • Safety Features – Ariat offers similar safety features that most work boots do. They can have a safety toe in steel, composite, or carbon safety toe options. Some work boots models offer full waterproofing and may be chemical resistant. Other safety features include electrical hazard safe materials and a shank for puncture protection.
  • Options – Ariat work boot models will be available in two or more colors, usually neutral browns, black, and grey. You may also be able to choose from different width options in specific models.

Reviews: The Best Ariat Work Boots

Here are some of the most sought-after work boots from the Ariat brand;
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  • The Ariat Heritage Roughstock is a square-toe western-style work boot.
  • The work boot has genuine leather uppers and is available in more color options.
  • It is an easy pull-on and off design.
  • The work boot offers 4LR comfort technology and four layers of high rebound cushioning.
  • It is electrical hazard safe and gas a soft square toe.


  • The Ariat Hybrid rancher is a waterproof ranching and farming work boot from Ariat.
  • It has full leather uppers and three colors available.
  • The boot has a slip-resistant sole with a slight heel.
  • The uppers are fully waterproof, and you can look forward to the four layers of high rebound cushioning in the footbed.


  • The Ariat Sierra is a Wide square toe work boot with a mesh lining.
  • The work boot has 100% leather uppers, an oil and slip-resistant outsole, and an ATS Advanced Torque Stability technology and composite shank for stability and protection.
  • The boot has a soft toe and is eccentrical hazard safe ASTM 2892-11 EH rated.
  • Furthermore, it has a moisture-wicking mesh interior lining for your comfort.


  • The Ariat groundbreaker is also a Square toe work boot.
  • The Groundbreaker has 100% full-grain suede leather uppers and additional metatarsal protection.
  • The work boot has an ASTM-rated safety toe and four layers of comfort cushioning.
  • A mesh lining also wicks away moisture and keeps your feet comfortable.


  • The Ariat treadfast is a six-inch waterproof work boot.
  • The workboat has waterproof PRO construction leather and a slip and oil-resistant Duratread rubber outsole.
  • Inside is a mesh lining and the 4LR cushioning technology for your comfort.
  • The boot is likewise electrical hazard safe and has a steel safety toe.


  • For the Ladies, I have chosen the Ariat Fatbaby, a comfortable work boot with many colors and design options.
  • The workboat has decorative leather uppers and a soft toe.
  • It is available in wider width options and has a roomy toe box.
  • For comfort, there are four layers of high rebound cushioning.
  • The rubber outsole is fully slip-resistant.

Index Table: Top Rated Ariat Work Boots

1Ariat Men's Roughstock - Square Toe Work Boots
  • Leather Waterproof
  • Cushioned
  • Electrical Hazrad Safe
2Ariat Men's Hybrid - Rancer Work Boots
  • Waterproof
  • Leather
  • Cushioned
  • Ranching Boot
3Ariat Men's Sierra - Wide Toe Work Boots
  • Leather
  • 4LR Technology
  • Mesh Lining
  • Composite Shank
4Ariat Men's Groundbreaker - Square Toe Work Boots
  • Leather Uppers
  • Duratread Outsole
5Ariat Men's Treadfast - Work Boots
  • Waterproof
  • 4LR technology
  • Oil and Slip Resistant Sole
6Ariat Women's Fatbaby - Work Boots for Ladies
  • many Colors and Designs
  • Durable
  • Cushioned

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