Best Cowboy Boots for Kids

Cowboy boots are a fun and comfortable option for boys and girls.

So many great options are available, and they are easy to pull on and off.

So we have chosen to review boots with an original cowboy design and durable and comfortable features, especially in children’s sizes, from young to older children and teens.

Why Choose Cowboy Boots for Kids

Cowboy boots have many great benefits for kids;

  • Comfortable and Protective – Generally, cowboy boots offer full foot and ankle protection for your child, and they can keep their feet warm. They are also very comfortable to wear.
  • No Laces – Cowboy boots have an easy and comfortable on-and-off design, with no hassles with laces. Children may struggle to tie laces and even trip over them. Thus, no lace options are so much better.
  • Ideal for Horse Riding – Cowboy boots are perfect for children who enjoy horse riding and help maintain a Propet leg position.
  • The Raised Heel – The Raised heel of a Cowboy boot for kids provides a platform to reduce strain on their Achilles tendon and to provide better stability.

Best Materials for Kids Cowboy Boots

As you will see, most cowboy boots we have chosen for children have synthetic leather uppers. Very few are genuine leather. The synthetic leather options are easier to clean and less expensive for growing children. So it would be best to replace expensive cowboy boots regularly as their feet grow.

They usually have durable rubber soles that provide good traction and slip resistance.

Features of a Good Cowboy Boot for Kids

Kids Cowboy Boots

  • Materials – The Uppers can be genuine leather or synthetic Pu leather. The sole will be a durable rubber. There may be an EVA foam or soft padded insole for comfort and a moisture-wicking lining.
  • Construction – The cowboy boots are constructed to be durable and long-lasting with different designs and decorative stitching.
  • Sizes – Sizes are available for toddlers, little kids, and big kids.
  • Colors – Most options have more colors available, some even have bright and colorful two-tone colors, with glitter and other additions.

Reviews: The Best Cowboy Boots for Kids

In our list, we have some of the best available Cowboy boots that are specially designed for children;
We hope you love the products we recommend!
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Reviewed by: David Alegeta Score: 98

  • From Roper, we have American-style Cowboy boots for children, a very popular and reliable brand with an original Western Style, available in kid’s sizes.
  • The boots are faux leather with a patriot design and square toes.
  • They are durable and ideal for little feet.
  • The boots have a long shaft and pull-on construction.
  • They are available in Little kid, big kid, and toddler size options.
  • It is a unisex cowboy boot for girls and boys.


  • The deer stags cowboy boots also come in little kid and big kid size options for children.
  • They are a camouflage brown and have simulated leather uppers with a polyester lining for comfort.
  • The cowboy boots have a Thermoplastic Elastomer sole that is durable and slip-resistant.
  • They are fashionable with a unique cowboy design.
  • The boots have a comfortable inner sole and make durable winter and wet weather boots for kids.


  • The Deer Stags Ranch boots come in some very colorful designs and options for boys and girls.
  • They are available in little kid and big kid sizes and colors for boys and girls.
  • The cowboy boots are 100% synthetic with pull-on straps and a comfortable foam sock liner for cushioning,
  • The synthetic uppers are easy to care for and clean.
  • They are fashionable and very comfortable for kids to wear with a stunning Western style.


  • The Canyon Trails Lil Cowboy pointed-toe classic Western Boots are ideal for younger children and toddlers.
  • They have a lovely design with a pointy toe and western cowboy boot style.
  • The boots are made of synthetic leather with a durable, slip-resistant rubber outsole.
  • The sole is flexible, allowing for a maximum range of motion for our child.
  • There is a comfortable insole and lining to keep little feet dry.
  • There are also a few available color options and little kid and toddler size options.


  • Generally, the Fatbaby from Ariat is a popular cowboy boot design for adults. However, it is also available in sizes for children.
  • The Fatbaby has 100% genuine suede leather uppers in two-tone colors.
  • It has 4LR four-layered cushioning technology with a lightweight shank for support, stability, and shock absorbency.
  • The boot has a very durable and slip-resistant rubber outsole.
  • There are more colors available, as well as little kid, big kid, and toddler sizes.


  • The Roper Glitter Cowboy boot for kids is a fun and more colorful design than your regular western-style boots.
  • The boots have leather uppers with a smooth systemic liner for comfort,
  • There is a Thermoplastic Elastomer Sole that is durable, slip-resistant,
  • The boot is all vegan leather and of excellent quality.
  • It is available in little kid, big kid, and toddler sizes, as well as more colors for boys and girls.


  • From Smoky Mountain, we have proper-heeled western Cowboy boots that are stylish for kids.
  • They have synthetic leather uppers in two-tone colors with embroidery details.
  • There is a slight heel and pointed toe.
  • The cowboy boots are comfortable with a cushioned insole and a PVC outsole for all-day wear.
  • They are of excellent quality and available in sizes and colors for boys and girls.


  • Here we have some Cowboy boots that feature the Disney Pixar Toy Story motif.
  • Complete with Woody and friends, this is a fun and colorful style cowboy boot for kids.
  • The boot is thermoplastic rubber with a slip-resistant rubber outsole.
  • It is available in little kid, toddler, and big kid sizes in this single color.
  • The boots are brown and have a zip closure.

Index Table: Top Rated Cowboy Boots for Kids

1Roper Unisex American Patriot - Durable Cowboy Boot for Kids
  • Three Size Categories
  • Faux Leather
  • Cushioned
  • Rubber Sole
2Deer stags Unisex Tour-K - Cowboy Boot for Kids
  • Little and Big Kid Sizes
  • Lined Leather
  • Comfortable
Deer stags97.8
3Deer Stags Unisex Ranch-K - Colorful Cowboy Boot for Kids
  • Foam Insole
  • More Colors
  • Pull On Straps
Deer Stags97
4Canyon Trails Boys's Pointed Toe - Cowboy Boot for Kids
  • Durable
  • More Colors
  • Comfortable
Canyon Trails96.7
5Ariat Girls's Fatbaby - Cowboy Boot for Kids
  • Three Size Categories
  • More Colors
  • Suede Leather
6Roper Unisex Glitter - Cowboy Boot for Kids
  • Leather
  • Padded Insole
  • More Colors
7Smoky Mountain WoUnisex Monterey - Cowboy Boots for Kids
  • Quality
  • More Colors
  • Lined
  • Toddler and Kids Sizes
Smoky Mountain97.5
8Disney WoUnisex Pixar - Cowboy Boots for Kids
  • Zip Closure
  • Durable
  • Little Kids Sizes

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